Ah yes, the podcast where it all started. Started as a hobby by Addison to have an excuse to talk about movies with friends, she decided early on that the podcast would be dedicated to films she and the rest of her co-hosts enjoy. That decision stemmed from listing to other movie podcasts and hearing what was mostly criticism that didn't need to exist. What was the point of dedicating a portion of your life talking about something that did not bring you joy? The Extra Unordinary is a podcast platform that expels gatekeeping, overt criticism, and needless bashing and focuses on celebrating and appreciating films, books, and TV shows that we love and that you love too. At the end of the day, we're all on a big rock hurling through space and it doesn't really matter Space Jam was not as good as some random nerd on the internet remembers it and justifies a 4 hour rant about it. Instead, download our episodes and listen to four pals talk about the media they really fluffin love.