Moon Possum Productions is an entertainment conglomerate that creates easily accessible  media on multiple platforms. We are focused in creating insightful, unique, and well-produced content that is available instantaneously for anyone interested in film, comics, comedy, and other out-of-the-ordinary media.

 Our first ongoing project is The Extra Unordinary, an entertainment discussion podcast with a focus on discussing film. Featuring a group of movie lovers with extroverted personalities bringing attention to all types of films with colorful and positive commentary. 

Our newest addition to the Moon Possum family is The Above Joe Show. Joe started out as a regular co-host for The Extra Unordinary and ventured into making his own podcast. The Above Average Joe Show' is a variety show podcast that brings those that 'help make the celebrities in film to shine' into the spotlight through interviews, games, anecdotes and more!  Joe sits down and talks to people from different departments such as casting, stunts, directing, acting, animation, etc.  We get to know who they are, what they do and about each of them personally.

Apart from podcasts, Moon Possum plans to venture in to producing video content, such as YouTube channels, short films, feature films, and documentaries. These are definitely long term goals, but goals we nonetheless want to carry out. If you want to learn on how you can contribute, keep scrolling!










The most important thing you can do to help us carry out our goals is to follow us on social media. Above this paragraph are links to all of our social media platforms. We update these daily with memes, news, more memes, new content, and much more. Right now we have facebook, Instagram, and twitter for Moon Possum and The Extra Unordinary, and The Above Average Joe Show.

For those who are feeling more monetarily generous, we A PayPal, Venmo, and Square account you can donate to. That will be used to fund everything from podcast hosting feeds, website hosting, regular administration things (BORING!), and gear for all of our ideas. We will also be opening a Patreon within the next few months. Of course this is 100% optional, but we appreciate anything and everything that you chose to give us.