A Podcast Where Extra People Talk Unordinary Media

Extra people talk Unordinary Media. Positive, enlightening comradery from nerds who like to talk film, TV, books, and more without the nasty baggage of gatekeeping and pompousness that plague the internet. By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. We discuss how the movies we love intertwine with the lives that we live.

Reel People Telling Real Stories

The Above Average Joe Show' is a variety show podcast that brings those that 'help make the celebrities in film to shine' into the spotlight through interviews, games, anecdotes and more!  We sit down and talk to people from different departments such as casting, stunts, directing, acting, animation, etc.  We get to know who they are, what they do and about each of them personally.

E1. Jamie Lynn Catrett
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E2. Marian Sing
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Baby Driver

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